Calgary-Mortgage-BrokerIf you are looking for Calgary homes for sale check out that link.  Bowness is a community district located in the west of Calgary.  Till 1963 it was an autonomous town, but was later united with Calgary. Surrounded by enchanting Bowness Park, Lovely Edworthy Park beautiful Bow River and Stoney Trail, the community offers fantastic views. Bowness is a large residential neighborhood with about 5,300 residential units having a population of over 11,000. The community has its own Bowness High School that was formed before Bowness was united with Calgary. The school is known for its noble teaching methods to its students. The community has quick access to major roads leading to downtown and to public transportation. We know how important is it for you to take care of your house let the  professional Inspectors  help you Visit Us and we will give you a report about the condition of  your House. The residents of Bowness are called Bownesians and are known for their fun spirit. There is never a shortage of recreation in Bowness. Edworthy Park located on the south shore of Bow River has majestic hiking and biking trails running amidst beautiful water bodies, grasslands and mixed shrub land.

Calgary-Mortgage-BrokerBowness Park, located on the Bow River in Bowness spans over 30 hectares, is popular spot of Bownesians for boating, swimming, ice skating, family picnics, mini golf, etc. The lagoon in the park has boats available on rent. This lagoon is used for ice-skating during winters and offers a lovely sunrise and sunset views.  Various unique annual events are conducted by Bowness community association throughout the year such as Lions Club Stampede Parade and Breakfast, Tour de Bowness and Harvest Fair.

Bowness new area redevelopment plan (ARP) installs new flags, cobblestone walks, landscaping and hanging flowers.  For the best Calgary mortgages advice please visit This development started attracting a number of new businesses to Bowness Community. The community association is striving hard in area redevelopment keeping its distinct community flavor intact.

Bowness Homes for sale Calgary will fetch an average price of about $680,000 for single-family homes, and $245,000 for condos. Browse through Bowness houses to see their architectural beauty, perfect scenic background and rich heritage.


Ah yes, I see it happened to you too. That deal you agreed to 5 years ago for a 10 year term on your home’s mortgage doesn’t look so good after seeing what Lender X is now offering just down the road.  In fact, Lender X’s mortgage package is further enhanced by the fact that rates have not gone up. They’ve stayed the same. Is it possible to break your current contract and leave your current lender in favour of Lender X?  For the best Fort Mc Murrray mortgage broker check out

The answer to that question can get a bit convoluted. What were the terms that you signed 5 years ago? Did they include penalty fees of any sort? What kind of administrative fees would you have to pay to close out your contract early? Was there a cash incentive 5 years ago that you might need to repay now? What about legal fees? You may have to pay those at both ends of your desired switch, first to leave the current lender and then again to sign on with Lender X. If there are penalty fees to pay, how is your current lender calculating those?

With so many questions to ask, and with funds attached to each question that may come out of your own pocket, breaking a contract mid-way through is generally discouraged. It’s doable, but can be quite expensive and the expense associated with the break needs to be compared to the benefits of making the switch to the new lender. Calgary mortgage brokers can walk you through this mine field and help you assess whether the new deal really is better, or help you find an even better deal that makes the high expenses more beneficial in the long run.
Are you looking to buy a House but you want to be sure it is in perfect condition? come and visit us we are Professionals Inspectors  that will take care of your future House.

Best calgary mortgage rates

Calgary mortgage brokers who work with Mortgages For Less here in Calgary, have access to information that will answer those questions and others not listed here. Their goal is to ensure that you have the best mortgage to suit your needs. Lender X may have the best deal from where you sit right now, but if a broker at Mortgages For Less finds an better deal, you’ll be foolhardy not to investigate it fully before breaking your current contract. There is much riding on your decision. You’ll need to be sure you have the funds on hand to cover the change, and you’ll need to be sure the new contract is affordable as well. Get a Calgary mortgage broker on the trail and see how they can help.


An add-on sunroom that lets you enjoy the sun seems to bring the outdoors in. You may add skylights, low-E windows, automatic shades, HVAC and other amenities to make it comfortable year round. Done right, a sunroom can help heat adjacent rooms. Done wrong, and it overheats in the summer due to the greenhouse effect while becoming just another room people pass through on their way to a now smaller yard.
Before you build a new sunroom, talk to a Calgary home renovations or Chilliwack renovations company about how to bring more light and air to your existing living areas. Or discuss options for improving your patio area so that it becomes an extension of your living space, without having to pour an extension of the foundation and build walls. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit could extend use of an existing patio into the fall for a fraction of the cost.

Custom Calgary Home Renovations Just Got Better!

Master Suite Additions

A master suite turns your master bedroom into something more akin to a hotel room. Instead of simply having a bedroom, closets and standard master bathroom, a master suite upgrade includes spa quality bathroom amenities, a sitting room to go with the master bedroom space, and even a kitchenette.
The master bedroom, along with the kitchen and kids’ bedrooms, tend to be what sell a house. A master suite does add value to your home, but you only get a 50% to 70% rate of return on the cost. Cost effective alternatives include upgrading the shower heads and fixtures in the master bathroom, replacing a single sink with a double vanity sink, turning the powder room into usable space or storage, adding storage options to the closet while reorganizing it, and increasing the ambience of the bedroom through better lighting and layout instead of adding more square footage.


When you live in a neighborhood of three bedroom, two bath single family homes, your one bathroom house has a disadvantage on the market. In this case, adding a second bathroom improves the home’s value, though you’ll only recoup around 90% of its value. However, if the house has the standard number of bathrooms for the neighborhood, adding yet another one has almost no ROI.

Renovating an existing bathroom has a good rate of return if it is done right. For example, replacing leaking, rusted fixtures with new ones is a low cost, high value proposition. Replacing single sinks with dual sinks, installing new mirrors with premium lighting, swapping out boring shower heads with ones featuring massage and body spray options and ripping out carpeting for never-moldy tile are worth the cost. Remodeling a bathroom so that the toilet or shower has improved access for those with limited mobility is certainly cheaper than relying on home health aids to assist someone with going to the bathroom.

And always hire an expert in architectural glass and home renovations in Calgary for projects like this instead of trying to do it yourself or relying on a plumber for a project that should involve a host of building professionals.

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